Manor Interiors are committed to

achieving the highest possible environmental ratings for each project. We implement a waste management strategy to help understand the potential waste levels and identify measures to help reduce overall waste, whilst diverting the remainder from landfill for all of our projects.

When a fit-out involves any demolition or removal of existing building elements, an audit will be carried out to focus on materials and products which can be reused, either onsite or elsewhere.

We select products which can be recycled in the future wherever possible producing further opportunities for resource efficiency by reducing ‘end of life’ impacts associated with disposal.

We mainly source materials from local suppliers. This reduces the distance that materials have to travel. For bulky materials in particular, this helps to minimise transport emissions and can also result in significant cost savings.


we aim to involve all our employees in the development and operation of our environmental policy, and it’s objectives

We take environmental factors very seriously and see these things as some of the key factors to consider when planning any building or refurbishment work.

The Effect of Climate Change

Climate change presents physical, financial and regulatory risk and opportunity to our business and society as a whole.

Availability of Natural Resources

There are limited natural resources to supply increasing demand – impacting cost and stretching supply chains.

It has been estimated that over ordering accounts for 13 million tonnes of new building materials being thrown out every year. Better communication between building professionals to ensure exact calculations of required materials are made can mean that this waste is prevented.