Selecting Office Furniture: 101

Selecting Office Furniture: 101

Let’s talk office furniture.

With many years of experience working in commercial environments, we understand that the office environment needs to be formulated with work output in mind. Whether you have a plan in place when it comes to both the furniture design, layout, and visual appeal of your commercial space, or are looking for guidance on how to transform your office to make the best use of the space, working with an expert office furniture supplier can help you narrow it down and select a suitable choice of office furniture.

Office furniture to match your brand.

If you can’t showcase your brand in your own office, where can you? By investing in office furniture that is reflective of your brand, you can create a working environment that is solely focused on the type of services or goods you offer, ensuring the attention of your staff members is directed towards company goals and guidelines.

Whether you work inside a traditional office, and require robust furniture and characterful pieces, or carry out your tasks in a contemporary office building and are looking for unique pieces of furniture that will make a great impression to any client you bring in for a meeting, we’re confident we can help.

Designing the interior of the space can seem like a mammoth task, particularly if the room is already fitted out with accessories or spread over multiple levels. We have a wealth of experience in our field, and the creative minds at Manor Interior Solutions will create unique plans that suit your requirements. Whether it means taking out existing partitions or adding mezzanine levels, we ensure our plans maximise the space available. Consequently, whether you have a simple square room, or a space with multiple nooks and crannies, we’ll cast a fresh pair of eyes over the space and draw up the plans to begin work on the space.

Choosing your office furniture.

There is not one single recipe that customers follow when it comes to choosing the furniture of their office, however, some of the most important factors to consider are:

  1. Comfort – Many of us spend at least eight hours a day or more in the same office environment. Consequently, investing in office furniture that provides a high level of comfort is paramount importance for your enthusiasm and overall well being. Neck, shoulder and back problems are all too common in the office environment, but such pain could easily be negated with the addition of appropriate office furniture.
  2. Storage – Of course, office storage space is the main purpose for any pieces of office furniture included in a space and this aspect should be thoroughly considered. Most office spaces will require multiple sets of draws to keep files neatly stored away, ensuring easy access to important documents, whilst keeping paperwork out of sight. However, investing in sets that are attached to desk spaces, or that have label holders next to the handle can make a significant difference to the usability of the space and the efficiency of day-to-day tasks.

Time to shake up your office space?

Perhaps you are looking for furniture that can fit neatly into existing coves or into awkward spaces, or perhaps you are looking for statement pieces that will provide a great deal of storage, whilst making an impact to anyone visiting your office space. Our knowledgeable team have worked in multiple commercial spaces over the years and have the ability to refine your ideas, ensuring the best finish is delivered every time. We’re ready to support you and transform your office!

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