Manor Interior Solutions' Commitment to Reducing Carbon Footprint

EPC Rating Image - Manor Interior Solutions' Commitment to Reducing Carbon Footprint

Manor Interior Solutions’ Commitment to Reducing Carbon Footprint

Refurbishment Companies: Pioneers in Sustainability

In today’s world, the construction industry faces a dual challenge: meeting the growing demand for new and refurbished spaces while minimising environmental impact. Companies like Manor Interior Solutions, play a pivotal role in this effort.

By helping customer making informed choices about materials and construction methods, we can help significantly reduce carbon footprint of your project and leading the way in sustainable construction practices.

According to the UK Green Building Council, the built environment contributes around 40% of the UK’s total carbon footprint. This statistic highlights the pressing need for companies in our sector to adopt greener practices.

At Manor Interior Solutions, we believe that sustainability is not just an option but a responsibility. Our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint is at the heart of our operations, influencing every project we undertake.

Our Commitment to Achieving Net Zero

Manor Interior Solutions is committed to achieving Net Zero emissions by 2050. This ambitious goal is a testament to our dedication to sustainability and our proactive approach to reducing our environmental impact. Our Carbon Reduction Plan (CRP), published in March 2023, outlines our strategy and the steps we are taking to reach Net Zero.

Baseline Emissions Footprint

Understanding our baseline emissions is crucial for measuring our progress. For the baseline year of June 2021 to May 2022, our emissions were recorded as follows:

  • Scope 1 Emissions: 1.617 tCO2e
  • Scope 2 Emissions: 3.497 tCO2e
  • Scope 3 Emissions: 10.212 tCO2e

These emissions cover various sources, including purchased goods and services, fuel and energy-related services, business travel, transportation and distribution (both upstream and downstream), employee commuting, and operational waste. Our total baseline emissions amounted to 15.326 tCO2e.

Current Emissions Reporting

For the reporting year of 2021-2022, our emissions remained consistent with our baseline, totalling 15.326 tCO2e. This consistency allows us to accurately measure the impact of our carbon reduction initiatives.

Completed Carbon Reduction Initiatives

Since establishing our baseline, we have implemented several environmental management measures to reduce our emissions. In 2022, we committed to measuring our carbon footprint annually to identify and address pinch points, ensuring continuous improvement in our efforts to reduce emissions.

Future Carbon Reduction Plans

Looking ahead, we have several initiatives planned to further reduce our carbon footprint:

  • Improving Energy Performance of Our Offices: We will identify opportunities to enhance energy efficiency within our offices, reducing overall energy consumption.
  • Procurement: We will analyse our supply chains to identify carbon reduction opportunities and develop an action plan. This includes engaging and encouraging our suppliers to reduce their carbon footprints through procurement and contract management activities.
  • Staff Commuting: We will offer financial incentives for staff to use electric vehicles, promoting greener commuting options.

Sustainable Materials and Methods

One of the primary ways we can reduce our carbon footprint is by choosing sustainable materials. This involves selecting materials that are not only eco-friendly but also durable and efficient. For instance, using recycled or reclaimed materials can significantly cut down on the energy required to produce new materials. Additionally, opting for materials with lower embodied energy, such as bamboo or recycled steel, helps in minimising the overall environmental impact.

Beyond materials, the methods we employ in our projects are crucial. Techniques such as modular construction and prefabrication can reduce waste and improve efficiency. By assembling components off-site in a controlled environment, we can ensure precision and reduce the amount of material waste generated. Furthermore, these methods often result in faster construction times, which means less energy consumption on-site.

Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) and Compliance

Energy efficiency is another critical area where refurbishment companies can make a substantial difference. Compliance with Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) requirements ensures that buildings meet specific energy efficiency standards. At Manor Interior Solutions, we not only comply with these standards but strive to exceed them. By incorporating energy-efficient systems and technologies into our projects, we help our clients reduce their energy consumption and lower their carbon emissions.

For example, installing advanced insulation materials, energy-efficient windows, and smart HVAC systems can drastically improve a building’s energy performance. Additionally, integrating renewable energy sources, such as solar panels, further enhances sustainability. Our team is dedicated to staying updated on the latest advancements in energy efficiency to provide our clients with cutting-edge solutions that are both environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

A 50mm x 370mm x 13000mm roll of CosyWool Thermafleece Insulation
Knauf insulation corner laid down
CosyWool Thermafleece Insulation installed into a new office wall frame
details of drylining 1 - Manor Interior Solutions' Commitment to Reducing Carbon Footprint

Join Us in Building a Sustainable Future

We invite you to join us on our journey towards a greener, more sustainable future. Whether you are a client, supplier, or industry peer, your participation in reducing carbon emissions is crucial. Together, we can make a significant impact on the environment and set new standards for sustainability in the construction industry.

If you are interested in learning more about our Carbon Reduction Plan or exploring how we can collaborate on sustainable projects, please get in touch with us. Let’s work together to build a world where construction and environmental responsibility go hand in hand.

Contact us today to find out how Manor Interior Solutions can help you achieve your sustainability goals and delivering your project at the same time!

commercial painting and decorating 002 - Do You Need Planning Permission to Paint a Commercial Building?

Do You Need Planning Permission to Paint a Commercial Building?

It’s natural to want to refresh your business’ image from time to time. Rebranding by switching up the company logo or changing the colours associated with your business is a great way to get noticed.

But what happens if you want to paint the exterior of your commercial building in the UK? Is it allowed in your area, and if so, do you need planning permission?

Before you start the revamp, these questions need answering, but the answers might not be so simple.

It turns out, in the UK, permission is sometimes necessary for painting a commercial building, but not always. These slightly inconsistent rules can make it difficult to determine whether your specific scenario needs planning permission.

After all, the last thing you want to do is invest a lot of money making the changes, only to find out you are in breach of planning. You might have to undo all your hard work and return everything to how it was – which will be a costly waste of time.

What is Planning Permission?

In the UK, the government suggests you will need planning permission if you want to build something new, make a major change to your building (such as building an extension), or change the use of your building. This definition doesn’t make it sound like painting is an issue, but in reality, it can be.

It’s also worth noting UK building regulations don’t cover painting properties either.

Commercial properties are often governed by a special type of planning permission – Permitted Development Rights (PDRs). 

PDRs are a national grant of planning permission, which means if your property is included in one, you don’t need to make an individual planning application. So, in most circumstances, you wouldn’t need express permission to paint your commercial property. Although, as with all rules, there are a few exceptions.

When Do You Need Planning Permission to Paint a Commercial Building in the UK?

Often in the UK, planning permission won’t be required to paint a commercial building, but there are a few restrictions.

For example, councils can remove Permitted Development Rights in some areas and list them as conservation areas. Islington Council has done this for 40 areas in the borough and cites a conservation area as “an area of special architectural or historic interest, the character or appearance of which it is desirable to preserve or enhance.”

It is considered that the quality of the buildings alone is not just what makes them special. Instead, the area as a whole is considered to add to the character of the region. This includes things like historic layout roads, specific building and paving materials, the buildings themselves having a certain variety of uses, and even tree cover. 

Conservation areas are designed to protect special parts of the location, preserving history and the overall character of the area. This means that often new developments must fit in with whatever is there, and what was already in place needs to retain its current features.

By marking a location as a conservation area, owners of buildings within that boundary may need to apply for planning permission to make simple changes such as painting brickwork – unless PDRs have been granted.

It’s important to pay attention to the specific PDRs in your region. These rules differ between England, Scotland, Wales, and are often changing. The best thing to do is contact your local authority or ask advice from a local architect, as they will have the most up-to-date knowledge.

Factors Influencing the Requirement for Planning Permission

Certain factors can influence whether you need planning permission to paint your commercial building. Even if it doesn’t seem to fall into one of the below categories, it’s best to double-check with your local authority before making any changes.

Below are some reasons you might need planning permission to paint a commercial building in the UK:

Buildings in Conservation Areas

A building in a conservation area may not be covered by PDRs, meaning permission to paint it would need to be obtained beforehand. These rules differ in England, Scotland, and Wales, so make sure you’ve checked the details for your specific area.

Listed Buildings

Another building type that can require planning permission is listed buildings. Listed buildings are structures deemed of national importance due to their historic interest or architecture.

Painting a listed building could be considered changing its character (for example, if it has always been an off-white colour and you decide to paint it neon orange). Some listed buildings are in conservation areas, where special controls are in place over what colours you can use.

Wherever your listed building is situated, you’ll need to apply for listed building consent to make any external alterations that could change the character of the building – including painting it.

On the other hand, if you’re planning on just giving the building another lick of paint in a similar colour to what was already there, you might not need permission at all.

Proximity to Landmarks and Historical Sites

Even if your commercial building isn’t listed, it might still be under some restrictions because of its proximity to historic buildings and landmarks. If that’s the case, it is probably situated within a conservation area, meaning you might need planning permission.

Impact on the Local Aesthetics

If your commercial building is in a conservation area, chances are the council has already considered how changing the nearby buildings would alter the local aesthetic. This is likely one of the reasons the council has made it a conservation area and you’re unlikely to have much success when applying for planning permission if the paint job would make big changes.

Steps to Obtain Planning Permission in the UK

If you’re hoping to get planning permission for your UK commercial building, there are a few steps you need to take. 

Below is our guide to applying for planning permission – UK:

Contact your local authority

The best place to start when dealing with planning permission is to contact your local authority first. You need to check whether you need planning permission – if you don’t, you’ll be glad you checked!

Apply online

Planning applications are done online. The website you use to apply differs depending on where you are in the UK. Below are the websites:

The application will require you to have the necessary documentation before you start, including an ownership certificate to prove you own the property.

Most applications require a fee, but the fee differs depending on the type and size of the alteration.

Application assessment

After you have applied online, the application will be assessed by the local planning authority. They will take things like the impact on listed buildings into consideration.


Once the decision has been made, you will receive feedback via the portal. The whole process takes around 8 weeks but can take longer for more complicated applications.

Consequences of Not Obtaining Planning Permission

In the UK, if you make changes without obtaining planning permission, there will likely be legal repercussions.

If you require planning permission but proceed with the project without obtaining it, you will have committed a planning breach.

When you commit a planning breach, you can submit a retrospective planning application. If this is successful, no further action is required.

If the retrospective planning application is unsuccessful, you will likely receive an enforcement notice instructing you to remedy the breach. 

It’s an offence to not comply with an enforcement notice, and if you are found guilty of this offence, you can be liable to an unlimited fine. So, you must apply for planning permission before making any changes.

Another issue that can arise when going ahead with an alteration without getting planning permission is that the property’s resale might be an issue. The property buyer will be liable for the alterations that didn’t have planning permission, and it’s a risk they are unlikely to want to take.


If you are hoping to paint your commercial property, that is something Manor Interior Solutions can help you with. 

Before starting a project, like painting your commercial property, it is sensible to check whether you need planning permission. If so, it is best to get advice from your local authority before starting the application process.

Once you’ve applied for planning permission, expect the process to take around eight weeks. It’s essential to wait for the decision before starting any work on the property as if planning permission is declined, but the work is already done, there are certain legal implications, including the risk of an unlimited fine.

Get in touch today to discuss painting your commercial property.

Painting - Do You Need Planning Permission to Paint a Commercial Building?
building plans tablet hp - Do You Need Planning Permission to Paint a Commercial Building?
painting - Do You Need Planning Permission to Paint a Commercial Building?
commercial painting and decorating 003 - Do You Need Planning Permission to Paint a Commercial Building?

Trust our certified team for uncompromising safety and excellence in interior design.

We are excited to provide enhanced value to our clients, ensuring compliance with regulations and delivering peace of mind in every project.

buildM8 logo - How BuildM8 can help you streamline customer journey, monitors profitability and manage your jobs pipeline efficiently

How BuildM8 can help you streamline customer journey, monitors profitability and manage your jobs pipeline efficiently

From Excel Chaos to Excellence: Our Customer Journey Transformation

In the fast-paced world of construction and refitting, efficient customer interaction management is crucial. At Manor Interior Solutions, we understand this all too well, which is why we embarked on a transformative journey almost a year ago, transitioning from Excel spreadsheets to a bespoke solution.

Addressing Industry Challenges

Like many businesses in the UK, we initially relied on Excel spreadsheets to handle customer information and enquiries. While practical for a one-person business, as we expanded, managing multiple projects across different functions like sales, project management, and design became increasingly challenging. We needed a solution that could centralize information and streamline the customer journey.

Discovering BuildM8: The All-in-One Solution

After extensive market research, we found that most existing software options fell short of our needs. They either lacked the comprehensive solution we envisioned or were overly complex and not user-friendly. That’s when we discovered BuildM8, a game-changing solution that seamlessly addressed our requirements.

Customized Excellence with BuildM8

The BuildM8 team meticulously analysed our processes, emphasizing real-time communication and reliable tools for generating quotes. With clear requirements in hand, we implemented a customized solution to bridge the gap between inquiry and execution.

Achieving Efficiency and Growth

Today, BuildM8 streamlines our customer journey, monitors profitability, and manages our jobs pipeline efficiently. It’s tailored to our unique needs and has significantly improved our business operations.

Leading the Digital Revolution

Our journey from Excel chaos to BuildM8 excellence has been a game-changer. We’ve experienced improved efficiency, enhanced customer interactions, and elevated our business to new heights. We’re confident that BuildM8 can do the same for many other businesses in the UK.

buildM8 logo - How BuildM8 can help you streamline customer journey, monitors profitability and manage your jobs pipeline efficiently

Are you ready to simplify your business and willing to change?

Here is the link to their website .

You will be able to meet them at Digital Construction Week is at ExCeL London on 5-6 June 2024 stand D165 or contact them now at [email protected].

office interior - How to Choose the Right Office Fit-Out Company

How to Choose the Right Office Fit-Out Company

Are you considering an office renovation or refurbishment? Perhaps you’re a start-up, or relocating your business, and looking for a reliable business to to design and build a brand new office from scratch?

Choosing the right office fit-out company is crucial for ensuring that your new workspace is designed and constructed to meet your needs, budget and timeline, and will allow your employees and business to flourish.

Whether you’re looking for a full-service design and build company, or an experienced team who can work with your designers to make your vision a reality, here are some key steps to help you choose the best office fit-out company.

Think about what you need

The first step in any project is to define what your ultimate aim is, and have a clear understanding of your objectives.

Things that you need to consider before reaching out to an office fit-out company are:

  • Your budget – Determine how much you’re willing to invest in your new office. This will of course have a big impact on your options.
  • The timeline – When do you need your office to be ready for? Ensure that your timelines are realistic; contacting office fit-out companies as far in advance as you are able to will give you more options and flexibility.
  • Functional requirements – What do you need from your office? How much space will you require? Are there any specific functions that you need to consider in the design phase?
  • Design preferences – Before you reach out to an office fit-out company, it helps to think about the style and aesthetics you want for your office space. If you have in mind roughly the style of office you want, then you can save a lot of time on wasted design.
  • Future business expansion – Anticipate how your business might grow in the future, and consider how the office space should accommodate it.


Research office fit-out companies

Once you have set out your requirements from the new workspace and you’ve fixed your budget, it’s time to research potential office fit-out companies.
There are many companies out there who have varying degrees of experience and expertise in workplace design and bespoke office interiors, but how do you find them?

You can start by:

  • Seeking recommendations – Word of mouth is still one of the most popular ways of choosing a fit-out partner. Ask friends, past and present colleagues and industry contacts who have undergone renovations and office fit-outs if they are able to recommend the company they used. LinkedIn is a great resource for this.
  • Searching online – All reliable and established office fit-out companies should have a website which is listed on search engines and business directories.
  • Asking your property agent – If you’re moving into a new office space, your agent may be able to recommend an office fit-out company to you.


Evaluate each company’s experience and credentials

Before you contact any office fit-out companies, ensure that you check their portfolio and read reviews and testimonials from previous clients to check that they are able to meet your needs and come well recommended. At Manor Interior Solutions, you can see a broad portfolio of work and read our 5* reviews on our website.

When choosing who to approach, it is advisable to engage a company that is experienced in the specific type of fit-out you require. Ensure that they’ve undergone successful projects that are similar to yours in terms of the budget and size, scope, and complexity.

Experience with other businesses in your sector will mean that they have better understanding of your requirements and have an awareness of the challenges they may face.

If you’re looking for a company to do a full service design and build project, then look at their design capabilities as well as their technical expertise.

Check for professional affiliations and, lastly, be sure to check the sustainability credentials of the office fit-out company.

Request proposals and quotes from your preferred companies

Once you’ve acquired a list of potential office fit-out partners, reach out to them to request proposals and quotes.
An initial proposal should include an outline of the project, with design concepts and a basic layout, and a rough timeline with budgets.

If you haven’t already seen them, ask them to provide references and testimonials from past clients who are satisfied with the company’s reliability, professionalism, and the quality of their build. They should also be happy to arrange site visits to previously completed projects so that you can assess their work firsthand.

Conduct face-to-face interviews

When you’ve narrowed your potential fit-out partner down further to around three or four companies, it’s important to meet with your shortlisted companies face to face. This will give you a good sense of their approach, communication style, and dynamics within the team.

At this stage it is usual that they will deliver a more complex proposal, including a 3D workplace design based on your brief and any feedback you have provided, plans for construction, details of materials, an in-depth cost plan and construction programme with set timelines.

During the interviews, consider how well the company has listened to your brief and the quality of the design they’ve put forward. Think about how clearly they have communicated with you to this point as this will be an important aspect going forward contributing to the success of your project.

Enquire about the team structure; who will be your main point of contact? Is there a back up? You will need to work closely and strategically together over a potentially long period of time so ensure you’re satisfied.

Ask about their project management process and ensure there is some scope for flexibility should unexpected problems occur during the office fit-out.

And, crucially, check out their aftercare services. A decent office fit-out company will not simply disappear once the build is complete, and will be there to answer questions and resolve any issues that arise at a later stage.

Make a decision

Carefully look at all the factors – design, budget, timescales, team, experience – and select the fit-out partner that you want to work with.

Your new office will need to last your business a long time, so don’t rush your decision. You need to be satisfied with your choice.

Check out their references

Before you officially appoint your office fit-out company, if you have not already done so it is important to check their references and contact past clients.

If you are happy that everything is in order, then it’s time to get contracts signed and you can begin to get excited about your new office!

Contact us today!

Whatever you are looking for in an office fit-out partner, at Manor Interior Solutions we have many years of experience in designing and building commercial fit-out projects, and would be happy to help you achieve your vision. Contact Manor Interior Solutions for a free consultation.

office desk area - How to Choose the Right Office Fit-Out Company
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office partitions featured 360x500 1 - How to Choose the Right Office Fit-Out Company

Trust our certified team for uncompromising safety and excellence in eco-design.

We are excited to provide enhanced value to our clients, ensuring compliance with regulations and delivering peace of mind in every project.

Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of OFFICE REFURBISHMENT AND REDESIGN 93 - 7 Reasons You Might Benefit from An Office Refurbishment

7 Reasons You Might Benefit from An Office Refurbishment

Refurbishing an office space can improve the running of your business – Not only will it make the work environment more pleasant for your employees, but it will also help impress any clients who drop by.

Office refurbishment is a strategic investment that can increase employee satisfaction and customer retention—making the workplace a modern, intuitive space to conduct business.

Having just completed a whole new office build ourselves, I figured now would be a great time to discuss the reasons and benefits that led us to create a new office space.

The Impact of a Refreshed Workspace

Believe it or not, poor office design can have a negative impact on employees. This doesn’t just mean their productivity is at an all-time low; their general well-being can be affected, too.

If things haven’t been updated for a while, it could mean that the space is poorly ventilated, the lighting is inadequate, or the desks and chairs might not be suitable for modern workers’ needs – especially those who spend all day looking at screens.

By updating the workspace, it’s possible to boost employee morale and increase their productivity as a result. A comfortable employee is generally a happy and productive one.

So, onto the actual list…

OFFICE REFURBISHMENT AND REDESIGN - 7 Reasons You Might Benefit from An Office Refurbishment

Here Are The Top 7 Reasons Why You Can Benefit From An Office Refurbishment:

Since office workers spend a large portion of their lives in the workplace, it’s important to make it a comfortable, pleasant place where people want to spend their time.

Below are our top seven reasons why your business could benefit from renovating your office:

1 – Modernising Your Office Space

Just because your business has been around since the 90s doesn’t mean all your equipment should be from that period. Things move fast in the modern workplace, and technological advances can soon leave your old equipment tired. New technology is often more streamlined, meaning desks can afford to be more compact. Smaller desk areas mean office space can be better utilised as more up-to-date technology takes over.

It’s worth mentioning that work styles have changed in recent years, too. Hybrid working seems to have taken over, meaning the office is only partially populated on any given day. This can make way for a hot-desking system instead, as assigned workstations become redundant.

After all, there’s no sense in having claimed workstations set up if they’re going to sit empty half the week.

2 – Improving Space Utilisation

Space utilisation is a big deal. An office that uses its space poorly will not maximise the workers’ productivity, may not be visually appealing, and could be a source of frustration for both customers and employees.

Efficient use of space is essential for streamlining the flow of work and encouraging collaboration. It can also be more aesthetically pleasing and contribute to lower employee stress levels. While cramped working conditions can be one source of frustration, an office layout with elements spaced too far apart can also be annoying. This can mean tasks take longer to complete and time is wasted movement around the office.

Achieving the most efficient layout takes planning, and an overly spaced-out office can cause just as much frustration as a cramped one.

A great solution for space utilisation is to make working areas adaptable. Convertible meeting rooms, or anything designed to be flexible or multipurpose, can help you get the best out of the space you are working with.

3 – Enhancing Your Brand Image

An office space reflects the identity of a business. Clients visiting a modern, neat, organised office will associate it with your brand. Likewise, if the office space is dated and chaotic, you’ll struggle to move your brand’s image away from that.

By aligning your physical space with your brand’s identity, you can visually represent what’s important to the business and its values.

A stylish, modern workplace is the perfect way to introduce a stylish, modern business. If your company has strong branding colours or designs, you can work it into your décor, cementing the brand’s image for your customers.

After all, first impressions matter, so making a strong impression with a well-thought-out office space is always a great place to start.

4 – Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

In business, sustainability should always be considered. All businesses have a duty to try and protect the planet, but aside from that, if you’re not energy efficient, you’re wasting money.

Energy bills have shot through the roof in recent years, meaning if you haven’t taken steps to be more energy efficient, you’re likely paying much more than you should be in running costs.

By reducing operational costs, you’ll be able to reduce your business outgoings alongside doing your bit to save the planet.

Modernising your office space can help with energy efficiency. Something as simple as better insulation or a modern heating system can help your office retain heat (and your business retain funds). In our own journey towards a more sustainable office environment, we’ve utilised innovative materials like Knauf Insulation and Cosywool Thermafleece, which are not only effective in enhancing energy efficiency but also align with our commitment to sustainability. These examples from our own office rebuild demonstrate practical steps we’ve taken to live out the ethos we advocate.

An eco-friendly office will show that you’re in touch with modern values, reflecting a commitment to both the environment and smart financial management.

5 – Health and Safety Improvements

Health and safety rules are essential for maintaining a safe and happy workplace. Nobody wants to feel under threat of injury or poor health just from going to work.

If your equipment or décor has seen better days, it might need to be replaced to adhere to health and safety regulations. Things like old carpets becoming worn or ripped and broken fixtures don’t just look bad; they come with many risks.

Going through an office refurbishment is a fantastic opportunity to get everything up to scratch. This process isn’t just about compliance; it’s about demonstrating a commitment to the well-being of your employees. At Manor Interior Solutions, we’ve embraced this philosophy wholeheartedly, as detailed in our exploration of active safety as a new service. Active safety measures, designed to prevent accidents before they happen, are an integral part of creating a safe and productive work environment.

Even if nothing in the office is in a state of disrepair, having a revamp might still benefit your workers. Simple adjustments like desk height or chair position can significantly impact workers’ health, potentially causing aches and pains from long-term use. Adjustable desks for sitting or standing and ergonomic seating have gained popularity in recent years, as they can improve a worker’s posture and comfort levels. Ensuring your staff’s comfort throughout their day at the office is crucial for their productivity and overall job satisfaction. By considering these elements in your office refurbishment, you’re investing in your team’s health, safety, and effectiveness.

6 – Boosting Collaboration and Communication

Communication is an essential part of modern business. Throughout the day, workers are likely to need to communicate and collaborate with their colleagues, making it crucial that the office layout facilitates these interactions easily.

Design styles such as open-plan layouts or offices with breakout zones are pivotal in enabling workers to discuss and collaborate without causing undue disruption. These spaces not only support but encourage open communication, fostering a culture of sharing and innovation. At Manor Interior Solutions, we have embraced these concepts wholeheartedly, as demonstrated in our project Transforming the Workplace: Canteen and Breakout Area Refurbishment. This project exemplifies how thoughtfully designed spaces can enhance communication and collaboration among employees, creating a more dynamic and engaging work environment.

Moreover, recognising the balance between open communication and the need for quiet, focused work, we also specialise in Office Acoustic Solutions. These solutions are designed to minimise noise disruption, ensuring that whilst the office layout promotes easy communication, it also respects the need for concentration and privacy. This approach to office design is about creating flexible workspaces that adapt to the contemporary work culture, streamlining collaboration and boosting communication efficiency.

Flexible workspaces, when paired with a contemporary work culture, not only streamline collaboration but also significantly boost communication amongst team members. By fostering an environment where ideas can be freely exchanged and innovation can flourish, businesses are better positioned to succeed in today’s fast-paced market.

7 – Financial Incentives for Office Refurbishment

As with all business-related improvements, office refurbishments have tax advantages. These expenses are a legitimate way to bring your tax bill down while adding value to the property.

If you own the building the business operates in; any improvements will only serve as a benefit if you ever want to sell. People are often influenced by what they see in front of them rather than an imagined potential, so keeping on top of workplace trends can make it easy to regain what you spend on any renovations.

Storage Area Now with Mezzanine Installed 2.jpeg - 7 Reasons You Might Benefit from An Office Refurbishment

Success Stories of Office Refurbishment

As experts in office refurbishment, we see a lot of happy customers. For example, AMPS loved what we did for them at their Wellingborough site.

The aim was to create a more efficient use for the available storage space. Office noise was also a concern as the layout of the building meant every employee worked in the same room, making it impossible to have no background noise on phone or video calls.

To solve the noise issues, we were able to employ acoustic panels within desks. Adding a mezzanine layer enabled us to maximise the available space and make better use of the storage space.

Alongside these two problem-solving adjustments, we also provided comprehensive office refurbishment services, including lighting and power distribution, office design, office furniture, and 3D proposals. The whole project took two months, and we were delighted with the results.

This commitment to excellence and innovative solutions is evident in our work across various projects. The transformation of the King’s Canteen breakout area, detailed in our Transforming the Workplace: Canteen and Breakout Area Refurbishment project, showcases our ability to create vibrant and functional communal spaces that encourage collaboration and relaxation.

Similarly, our project for Seko, which involved the complete transformation of an empty space into a fully functional office with meeting rooms and a kitchen breakout area, as shown in our Workplace Remodelling and Commercial Interior Refurbishment for Seko, highlights our expertise in creating modern, efficient workplaces from scratch. These projects exemplify our approach to office refurbishment, focusing on both functionality and aesthetics to meet our clients’ needs and exceed their expectations.

open floor plan the pros and cons of how best to use your office space - 7 Reasons You Might Benefit from An Office Refurbishment

How to Start Your Office Refurbishment Project

Before going ahead with an office refurbishment, it’s important to establish what your specific needs are. Setting goals can be the key to getting the best results. Just like with the case study above – they had two pain points: noise and efficient use of space. These guided us towards the end result.

Once you’re clear about your goals, it’s time to find the right person for the job. You want to pick someone who understands what you’re asking for and can cater to your needs.

If you’ve already thought about what you want, or would like some advice, you can contact us for a quote.

The Role of Professional Design and Planning

When the time comes to refurbish your office space, nothing beats expert guidance. At Manor Interior Solutions, we excel in creating practical and stylish modern workspaces that boost productivity and ensure your business stands out.

Our team of experts draws upon a wealth of experience to identify what works best for your brand’s unique needs. They provide invaluable assistance in navigating both common and not-so-common design challenges, guiding you towards choices that enhance your workspace’s functionality and aesthetic appeal. Through our Design Consultancy services, we delve into the specifics of your project, offering tailored advice that steers clear of potential pitfalls while embracing innovative solutions.

Understanding the intricacies of office design, our consultants are adept at recommending strategies that avoid pitfalls which may not be immediately obvious. Their expertise is crucial in guiding you toward design choices that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional and in line with your brand’s identity and values.

Navigating Challenges in Office Refurbishment

As with all big projects, it’s likely you will be faced with the odd challenge here and there. The best way to deal with them is to pre-empt and plan ahead.

Office refurbishments can face challenges with budget constraints. It might be a good idea to prioritise the list of changes you need to make in case your budget doesn’t allow them all to be addressed in one project.

Using a specialised office refurbishment company like Manor Interior Solutions can help you plan a budget and stay within it. This way you can avoid the stress of trying to manage several different services at once. The details are dealt with under one company, which helps keep communication open.

Another common challenge is minimising disruption for your workers. There are several ways to work around this. The most obvious one is to give workers the chance to work from home if they can. Alternatively, you could consider having the office refurbishment completed outside of working hours (such as evenings or weekends) or even set up a temporary workspace while the refurbishment is underway.

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Future-Proofing Your Office Space

Future-proofing is an essential concept for the running of all businesses, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that this applies to office refurbishments, too.

If you’re spending money on improving and updating your workspace, you don’t want it to become outdated quickly.

Stay informed about modern working trends and try to implement adaptable designs. Creating areas that can be used for multiple purposes will give the office re-fit longevity.

It’s also worth considering whether the refurbishment will suit you after a period of rapid growth. Investing in changes with scalability in mind’ll still work for you as your business grows.

Leveraging Technology in Office Design

It might make sense to use the office refurbishment as an opportunity to turn your office into a “smart office.”

“Smart” business technology has become commonplace in most modern offices. While you might already be using some of this technology without even giving it a second thought – such as smart speakers or smart thermostats, it’s the perfect time to add more smart technology to the office and prepare for a smarter future.

Smart technology can be used for all kind of things, from controlling appliances in another room, to running automation around the office. Only you will know which items will enhance and streamline the running of your business.

The Psychological Effects of an Office Environment

Their work environment heavily influences the wellbeing of employees.

If it’s a delightful place to be in and the employee is happy, their work quality and output will remain high. Research suggests that happy workers are 13% more productive.

Conversely, suppose the office environment isn’t so welcoming, for example. In that case, the lighting isn’t suitable and the seating is causing back pain, it can have a negative impact on an employee’s productivity.

Environmental factors can even impact a worker’s life outside of the office. Anything that causes high levels of stress during the working day can contribute to insomnia and depression during times they’re not even at work. This can create a cycle of negative emotions and poor productivity in the long term.

It just goes to show that the office environment has a huge impact on workers – both good and bad!

front - 7 Reasons You Might Benefit from An Office Refurbishment


The office environment plays a big part in the overall well-being of employees. Beyond the aesthetics and the safety of a workspace, simple things like crowding or poorly used spaces can make a worker’s job inadvertently more difficult.

If your employees aren’t happy in their work environment, getting the best out of them is hard. So, if your office space is tired and needs modernising, it might be time to investigate refurbishment.

A refreshed office space can help impress clients, improve the well-being of your workers, and make it easier to scale the business. As a bonus, you’ll also be able to iron out those little niggles and pain points you’ve all been living with for so long.

Your changes should help you cement your brand image, win over new clients, and take your business into the future.

Get in touch for a quote today.

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We are excited to provide enhanced value to our clients, ensuring compliance with regulations and delivering peace of mind in every project.

building plans tablet hp - New Office Fire Safety: Our Strategic Partnership with DB Fire Solutions

New Office Fire Safety: Our Strategic Partnership with DB Fire Solutions

We’re all eagerly looking forward to our upcoming move to a new office. Everyone is buzzing with excitement, to the point where friction might accidentally set the place alight! 

Of course, we’re taking the utmost care to ensure that everyone who works in or visits the new office will be completely safe. In this blog post, we will delve into the comprehensive fire safety strategy we’ve developed in collaboration with our trusted partner, Daniel from DB Fire Solutions. It’s a critical part of the design of our new office, and we’re confident that it’ll keep everyone safe and sound.


Innovative and Tailored Fire Safety Measures

Our new office is a testament to the latest fire safety technology, equipped with cutting-edge fire alarm systems designed for early detection. Daniel’s expertise has been instrumental in selecting the right alarms and crafting a custom fire safety blueprint tailored to the unique layout of our office space. This personalised approach ensures our safety measures are effective and specific to our environment’s potential risks and needs.


Strategically Placed Fire Extinguishers and Training

At our workplace, we prioritise prevention and preparedness for fire safety. Recognising the complexity and variety of potential fire hazards, we have strategically placed fire extinguishers throughout our workspace. Understanding that different types of fires require specific extinguishing agents, we ensure the best-suited ones are available in specific areas, aligning with the nature of potential fire risks associated with each location.


The Fire Extinguishers We Opted For:

CO2 Extinguishers

These extinguishers are typically found near electrical panels and computers in offices with higher electrical fire risks. They are best suited for fires involving electrical equipment (Class E fires) but also flammable liquids (Class B fires).


Dry Powder Extinguishers

They are known as multi-purpose extinguishers because they can tackle Class A, B, and C fires, including those involving gases like propane and butane. However, they are placed in well-ventilated areas such as our workshop due to their potential to impair visibility and breathing.


Foam Extinguishers

These fire extinguishers are strategically located in kitchen areas and vehicle parking spaces. They can effectively extinguish liquid fires like petrol (Class B) and solid fires like paper and wood.


Regular Training and Empowerment

We conduct regular training sessions for our team members to guarantee that we are always equipped and ready. These sessions go beyond theoretical knowledge, offering hands-on experience in effectively using different types of extinguishers – By simulating real-life scenarios, we empower everyone to respond promptly and efficiently in case of a fire emergency; this not only ensures the safety and well-being of everyone in the workplace but also instils a sense of confidence and readiness among our team.

This holistic approach to fire safety, combining strategic placement of varied extinguishers with comprehensive training, exemplifies our commitment to creating a secure and prepared workplace environment.


The DB Fire Solutions Advantage

Daniel and DB Fire Solutions have more than 25 years of first-hand experience in the fire and rescue service. They have witnessed the devastating effects of fire, underpinning their passion for improving fire safety standards within the built environment. DB Fire Solutions offers comprehensive services, including up-to-date Fire Risk Assessments critical for highlighting any failings within a fire strategy. Their expertise extends to surveying compartmentation and advising on remedial work to ensure compliance with the Regulatory Reform 2005 Fire Safety Order. They emphasise the importance of fire stopping in maintaining the integrity of a compartment during a fire.


Why Partner with DB Fire Solutions?

Choosing DB Fire Solutions was an easy decision for us. Daniel’s wealth of experience and commitment to tailoring solutions to our specific needs sets him apart. His hands-on approach and dedication to ongoing support and maintenance mean that our fire safety measures align with industry best practices and legal requirements. Daniel isn’t just a provider of solutions; he’s a reliable partner in our ongoing commitment to safety.


A Promise of Safety

As we look forward to the launch of our new office, our collaboration with Daniel and DB Fire Solutions highlights our dedication to creating a workspace and ensuring it is a haven for our team and visitors. With this partnership, we confidently move forward, knowing that safety at our new office isn’t just a priority—it’s a promise.

Together, we’re setting a new workplace safety standard, proving that safety remains our unwavering priority, even in the face of growth and change. Learn how DB Fire Solutions can elevate fire safety standards in your built environment.


db fire solutions ltd cover - New Office Fire Safety: Our Strategic Partnership with DB Fire Solutions
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fire alarm hp - New Office Fire Safety: Our Strategic Partnership with DB Fire Solutions
fire damper inspection - New Office Fire Safety: Our Strategic Partnership with DB Fire Solutions
fire marshal training - New Office Fire Safety: Our Strategic Partnership with DB Fire Solutions

Trust our certified team for uncompromising safety and excellence in eco-design.

We are excited to provide enhanced value to our clients, ensuring compliance with regulations and delivering peace of mind in every project.

Knauf insulation installed into the ceiling

Creating a Cosy and Eco-Friendly Office Space with Knauf Insulation.

Our Journey with Knauf Insulation

Welcome to the heart of our new Market Harborough office build project, where every choice we make combines innovation and personal experience – One of our star players? Knauf Insulation. 

Let me take you through why this choice wasn’t just about the specs but also about the feel and impact it has had on us whilst using it over the years.


A Contrast in Comfort

Before Knauf, my experience with insulation was pretty standard – effective, yes, but often leaving much to be desired in terms of comfort. Traditional materials can be scratchy and uncomfortable to work with, making the installation process something of a chore. But Knauf Insulation changed the game – Others in the space have noted that Knauf’s products, especially those with ECOSE technology, are softer and less irritating than other insulation materials. This aligns with my experience – it’s a noticeable difference that makes the workspace not just functional, but also genuinely comfortable. It’s not just insulation; it’s a step towards a more pleasant and sustainable working environment for us and future generations.


Eco-Friendly and Easy to Work With

We prioritise sustainability in our decision-making process, and Knauf aligns perfectly with our philosophy. Their products are crafted with a strong commitment to conservation and environmental responsibility. Additionally, ease of installation is a standout feature often praised by those who recommended it to us. We experienced this first-hand during our own installation process, as the insulation was easy to handle and fit perfectly into place. The enhanced indoor air quality and energy efficiency Knauf brings to our office space are invaluable, contributing to our comfort, health and well-being​​​​.


Reflecting on the Choice – Our Experience

Every day, I feel the difference as I step into the office. There is a warmth and a certain quality to the air that is a testament to Knauf’s thermal regulation capabilities. The insulation works well, maintaining comfortable temperatures and contributing to an energy-efficient space – it’s like a woolly hat on a cold day but for our office roof. Moreover, the superior sound insulation provided by Knauf has been a game-changer, significantly reducing the ambient noise from outside and within, allowing us to focus better and work more productively​​.



Choosing Knauf Insulation was more than a technical decision; it was about creating a space that aligns with our values and enhances our day-to-day experiences. It’s a choice that echoes through our office walls, bringing comfort, efficiency, and a touch of eco-consciousness to our everyday work life. Knauf’s commitment to improving office environments through better air quality, noise control, and sustainable solutions makes it an ideal choice for businesses looking to create healthier, more productive workplaces​​​​.

Stay updated on our journey by following us on social media and diving into the Knauf Magic with us as we continue to build an eco-friendly workspace – Ready to experience the difference for yourself?

Knauf branded white box
Knauf insulation corner laid down
Knauf insulation installed into the ceiling
Knauf ceiling insulation installed into a freshly build office

Trust our certified team for uncompromising insulation and excellence in eco-design.

We are excited to provide enhanced value to our clients, ensuring compliance with regulations and delivering peace of mind in every project.

TJ1 - The Art of Tape and Jointing: Seamlessly Superior

The Art of Tape and Jointing: Seamlessly Superior

The New Office

As we chisel away at the construction of our new office, we’re not just piecing together bricks and mortar; we’re sculpting our commitment to providing excellent service, but this time, just to ourselves. Perched at the apex of this lofty ambition is the fine art of tape and jointing.  Beyond just making the walls and ceilings look dapper, it’s about ensuring they’re smooth, seamless, and structurally sound, creating a finish that’s as polished as our professionalism.

And let’s be honest, in this process, we’re also showing off a bit – demonstrating our knack for quality and precision.


The Tape and Jointing Saga: More Than Meets the Eye

Tape and jointing might sound like a snooze fest to most people, but to us it’s the secret sauce in the drywall installation world. We use an assortment of tapes – from the paper variety that’s a bit like the reliable friend who’s always there to mesh tape, the sturdy mate for those stress-prone corners and door frames. And let’s not forget Fibretape, the unsung hero of the tape family who pops their head around whenever the big guns are needed.

This isn’t just about sticking tape on walls. Oh no, it’s an art form. Imagine layering a three-tiered cake – that’s our three-layer jointing system. First, the tape nestles into a cosy joint compound, and then we lavish it with two more coats, ensuring each layer is as flawless as the last.


Beyond the Wall: It’s Not Just About Looking Pretty

Here’s where it gets really interesting. Tape and jointing aren’t just pretty faces; they’re the brains behind the operation, too. This method is like the Swiss Army knife of wall finishing. Faster than the traditional plastering, it leaves walls looking smoother than a jazz saxophone solo.

But wait, there’s more! It’s also a superhero when it comes to insulation. It helps keep our office toasty in winter and cool in summer, cutting down on those ever-rising energy bills and making Mother Nature smile. Plus, it’s a bit of a damper against noise pollution – keeping the outside world where it belongs, outside.

Why We Call in the Cavalry: The Pros of Going Pro

Now, we could try doing this ourselves, but let’s be honest, that’s like trying to cut your own hair – it’s possible, but it’s not going to be as pretty. Hiring the contractors we usually use for our other jobs means we get a finish so smooth you’d want to swipe right on it. They’ve got the skills, the tools, and the know-how to make sure our walls don’t just look good but last longer than diamonds.

And in this era of advanced tape technology, especially with the whole air-tight construction trend, you really want to ensure you’re using the good stuff. Today’s high-end tapes are not just sticky; they’re as reliable as death and taxes.



So, as we eagerly await the grand unveiling of our office, the role of tape and jointing in bringing our vision to life is crystal clear. It’s a harmonious blend of art and science, a reflection of our dedication to not just quality and sustainability but also a bit of pizzazz. Stay tuned for more updates as we stride ahead in creating an office that’s not just a workspace but a true showcase of the work we do around the UK.

TJ1 - The Art of Tape and Jointing: Seamlessly Superior
TJ5 - The Art of Tape and Jointing: Seamlessly Superior
TJ2 - The Art of Tape and Jointing: Seamlessly Superior
TJ4 - The Art of Tape and Jointing: Seamlessly Superior

Trust our certified team for uncompromising insulation and excellence in eco-design.

We are excited to provide enhanced value to our clients, ensuring compliance with regulations and delivering peace of mind in every project.

A 50mm x 370mm x 13000mm roll of CosyWool Thermafleece Insulation

Embracing Comfort and Sustainability with CosyWool Thermafleece in Our New Office Build

Why CosyWool Thermafleece?

In the dynamic and evolving world of office design, how your office looks to your employees and, equally as important, your prospects are very important; we asked the question: why settle for just aesthetics? At Manor Interior Solutions, we believe in crafting spaces that resonate with both sustainability and comfort. Enter our latest office build – a perfect showcase of marrying these ideals with top-tier materials like CosyWool Thermafleece. 

But what makes CosyWool Thermafleece our (the) go-to choice for our innovative designs?..

Striking the Right Balance

So, how do you strike the perfect balance between practicality and comfort when designing office interiors? CosyWool Thermafleece is a unique insulation material we are proud to offer and use ourselves now. It is made with 75% British sheep’s wool and 25% recycled polyester, making it an excellent option for us as we seek sustainable and eco-friendly resources. This insulation material creates a workspace that breathes and promotes a stable and comfortable indoor climate. With CosyWool Thermafleece, we can be assured that the air in our new workspace will flow freely, allowing us to stay productive and comfortable throughout the day. This insulation material is not only good for the environment, but it’s also an excellent investment for our new workspace.

That’s the kind of environment we should all aspire to work in.


Sustainability at Its Heart

At Manor Interior Solutions, sustainability isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a guiding principle. 

CosyWool Thermafleece, with its natural fibres, is a champion. Did you know it can regulate moisture and trap harmful pollutants? It’s not only about creating a superior space but also about positively impacting our planet.


Efficiency Meets Comfort

Think of CosyWool Thermafleece as the backbone of energy efficiency. Its top-notch insulation keeps indoor temperatures consistent, slashing energy use and shrinking our carbon footprint. But there’s more – this wool isn’t just about warmth; it’s about creating a good workspace. 

Who said you can’t have comfort and eco-consciousness all in one?


CosyWool Thermafleece in the Real World

Bringing Our Vision to Life

How do we translate our vision into reality? Take our office refurbishment as a prime example. We didn’t just talk about the benefits of CosyWool Thermafleece – we put it to the test. Applying it to internal walls dramatically enhanced both thermal and acoustic properties. The result? A workspace that adapts to our needs, proving the material’s versatility and effectiveness.


Seeing is Believing

But it’s not all about function. Integrating CosyWool Thermafleece into our design also elevated the aesthetic appeal. Its natural texture brought an organic charm to the office, seamlessly blending with contemporary design elements. This project is a testament to how sustainable choices can enhance beauty and functionality equally.


A Commitment Carved in Wool

Choosing CosyWool Thermafleece aligns perfectly with our ethos at Manor Interior Solutions. It’s not just about picking a material; it’s about embodying our values of quality, functionality, and environmental responsibility. This choice reflects our commitment to not only meet the needs of today but also to address the environmental challenges we face. It’s our way of contributing to a brighter, more sustainable future.



By incorporating CosyWool Thermafleece into our new office build, we’re not just making a statement about sustainable materials. We’re showcasing how innovation, aesthetics, and ecological responsibility can merge to create environments that are not just visually appealing but also healthy and efficient. 

Our commitment is to design spaces caring for people and the planet. 

Isn’t that the future we all want to work towards?

image3 - Embracing Comfort and Sustainability with CosyWool Thermafleece in Our New Office Build
CosyWool Thermafleece Insulation installed into a new office wall
CosyWool Thermafleece Insulation installed into a new office wall frame
A 50mm x 370mm x 13000mm roll of CosyWool Thermafleece Insulation

Trust our certified team for uncompromising insulation and excellence in eco-design.

We are excited to provide enhanced value to our clients, ensuring compliance with regulations and delivering peace of mind in every project.

Q mark UKAS Fire Door Manufacture Product - Elevating Safety and Quality with BM TRADA Q-Mark Fire Door Installer Certification

Elevating Safety and Quality with BM TRADA Q-Mark Fire Door Installer Certification

We are thrilled to announce a significant milestone achieved by Manor Interior Solutions – our certification as a BM TRADA Q-Mark Fire Door Installer. This esteemed accreditation reinforces our commitment to providing the highest standards of safety and quality in our services.

BM TRADA Q-Mark certification is a prestigious and recognized mark of excellence within the construction industry. It signifies that we have undergone rigorous assessments and have demonstrated our competence in installing fire doors in accordance with the relevant standards and regulations. This certification also confirms our adherence to the strictest quality management procedures and ongoing commitment to best practices.

The Impact on Our Services

As a certified BM TRADA Q-Mark Fire Door Installer, we can now offer our clients enhanced value and peace of mind. Here’s how this certification improves the services we provide:

Uncompromising Safety Standards

The safety of our clients and their occupants is of paramount importance. By being certified, we ensure that every fire door installation meets stringent safety requirements, reducing the risk of fire-related incidents and providing a secure environment.

Compliance and Regulation

Building regulations and fire safety standards are continuously evolving. Our certification assures our clients that we stay abreast of these changes, ensuring all fire door installations remain compliant with the latest guidelines.

Expertise and Competence

Achieving BM TRADA Q-Mark certification involves rigorous testing and assessment of our team’s skills and knowledge. As a result, our clients can be confident in the expertise and competence of our fire door installers.

Reliability and Trust

The Q-Mark certification is a symbol of trust and reliability. Clients can rest assured that Manor Interior Solutions has been independently assessed and is fully qualified to handle their fire door installations with utmost professionalism.

Enhanced Customer Confidence

The BM TRADA Q-Mark is a recognized quality standard within the industry. This certification reinforces our commitment to excellence, instilling confidence in our clients and validating their decision to choose us as their fire door installation partner.


At Manor Interior Solutions, we are dedicated to continuous improvement and delivering exceptional services. Achieving BM TRADA Q-Mark Fire Door Installer certification is a testament to our unwavering dedication to safety, quality, and customer satisfaction. We are excited about the opportunities this certification brings to elevate our services and provide our clients with the highest level of fire safety and compliance.

Manor Interior Solutions Moloney 052 2807 DRAFT 110723 - Elevating Safety and Quality with BM TRADA Q-Mark Fire Door Installer Certification

Trust our certified team for uncompromising safety and excellence in fire door installations.

We are excited to provide enhanced value to our clients, ensuring compliance with regulations and delivering peace of mind in every project.