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We provide

We provide the full mezzanine floor installation service.

Working with an experienced mezzanine floor contractor is paramount when investing in the future of your business. We ensure that your mezzanine floor installation has been constructed in the correct way to suit your business, not only today, but also with the future in mind planning for potential expansion and growth.

From initial site visit and survey to the mezzanine floor fitting service, we also install any office on your mezzanine, racking and pallet gates. In other words, we handle mezzanine flooring installation services end-to-end, so you can simply sit back and relax as we construct the mezzanine floor for you.

Installing a mezzanine floor in your existing building would be a cheaper alternative to moving premises, especially if you’re looking for more storage or office space. Such an addition could also add value to your existing building and should provide a good return on your investment.

We provide

The full mezzanine floor service

From initial site visit and survey to the installation including offices, racking and pallet gates. In other words, we handle mezzanine flooring services end-to-end, so you can simply sit back and relax as we construct the mezzanine floor for you.

Installing a mezzanine floor in your existing building would be a cheaper alternative to moving your office space, especially if you’re looking for more storage or partitions. Such an addition could also add value to your existing building and should provide a good return on your investment.

A mezzanine floor is an intermediate floor that is situated between two floors. Many times, this mezzanine floor is not counted towards the number of floors in a building because this is not a complete floor by itself. Mezzanine is also used to refer to low ceiling projects like a balcony.

Office, Storrage and Multi-Tier Mezzanine Floors

Different Types of Mezzanine Floors

Office mezzanine floor installations have become a very popular solution in recent years. They give you the platform to create whatever office facilities you require within your warehouse. Office mezzanines are one of the most economic ways to maximise and expand your office space.

Along with their space and cost saving benefits, mezzanine floors also look great. When designing an office mezzanine floor for office space, it’s important the floor is designed with the correct loadings. Typically an office mezzanine floor will be designed with a 3.5kN/m2 capacity.

A storage mezzanine floor is an additional level installed in an area as a warehouse or commercial building that is used for storage. Mezzanine floor storage can give you twice the flexibility without the need to move or extend.

They are a quick and easy to install solution, so you’ll have your new storage space in no time. They are ideal to house all the additional shelving and racking space that you require for your products.

A multi-tier mezzanine could add several floors to your space, eliminating the need to relocate your business. Boosting your building’s performance is critical to your business’s bottom line.

A multi-tier mezzanine flooring allows you to create additional storage areas. You can choose either two or three tiers. If your business premises is tall, then a Multi-Tier Mezzanine Floor is the ideal solution to expanding your business. However, the main drawback of the two-tier flooring or multi-tier flooring solution is the fact that all shelving must follow the same footprint and load capacities of shelving must be carefully considered.

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Our services are fully approved by The Contractor Health and Safety Assessment Scheme (CHAS) and we are fully Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) registered.


By working on various project types over the years, we have built a very broad and diverse knowledge of the commercial construction industry. This has created a solid base of repeat clients that use our services. Word of mouth from these customers has really helped our business grow in the midlands area where we predominantly operate. The combined experience of our Quantity Surveyors, Project Managers and employees on site allows us to work together from inception putting together all relevant health and safety, project time schedules and fixed budgets.


We strive to complete all commercial interior projects with integrity, not just with our clients, but also our suppliers and contractors. With thousands of successful office renovation and building refurbishment projects under our belt, we are one of the most trusted building renovation companies in the UK.

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Mezzanine Flooring Services

Our industrial access stairs are a safe, easy and affordable way to gain access to higher levels in any application where a full size industrial stairway is not needed. Almost any industrial facility that uses specialized production or storage processes requires a set of custom industrial stairs. Industrial Access Stairs are made of solid steel for long lasting durability and dependability.

Depending on the angle suitable for satisfaction, it could be 30 degrees to 50 degrees. Industrial stairs can also be made of stainless steel or aluminium, depending on the application and the requirements of our customers. The much lighter weight of these materials as compared to traditional steel ones make them much easier to install, and the aluminium construction also makes them virtually maintenance-free.

The main purpose of industrial stairs is to provide a safe and convenient route to access upper levels or platforms, as well as landings around types of machinery or devices in production halls.

Fitted handrails are placed along the edges of the mezzanine, and they are designed to stop people or products from falling off of the structure. Features like these mezzanine handrails along with pallet gates and guardrails are simple steps taken to provide a safer work area. 

Our pallet gate installation service has been designed to provide continuous edge protection on mezzanines or other raised working areas. This will provide your operators with additional safety where mezzanine floors are in use. The Pallet Gate closes up against your material, protecting your mezzanine edge until the pallet is removed from opening. When not in use, it acts as a safety railing – always in place to protect employees from dangerous falls.

Ensuring the required fire protection is installed with your mezzanine structure will give you time to evacuate the floor quickly and safely in the case of a fire. Mezzanine floor fire Protection may be necessary with your mezzanine flooring depending on the location, size and use of your new floors. Fire protection is an important and necessary part of the building regulations and should be a priority in the planning stage when a mezzanine floor is being installed.

Fire protection is specified for a certain period of time such as ‘half hour’, ‘1 hour’, ‘2 hour’ or ‘4 hour’. The time period refers to the time that the protected elements remain structurally sound in the event of a fire. In most instances mezzanine floor fire protection is not required if the platform is to be used for storage only, provided it meets certain criteria. The floor must not be more than 20 metres in any one direction, must be less than 400 sq. metres in total, and must not be more than 50% of the building’s floor area into which it is being fitted. According to Document B of The Building Regulations, a mezzanine floor that is greater than 20m in any one direction should include sprinklers or fire resistance.


Mezzanine floor fire protection usually includes casings around all column supports using coated steel with a fire resistant fire-tech board. These can provide ratings of up to 2 hours fire protection.  A suspended ceiling installed below the mezzanine including a facia that is installed to the exposed edges of the mezzanine. This will include fire rated ceiling tiles and pyropanel led lighting. Mezzanine floor fire protection does not need to affect the look of your workplace. Fire rated ceilings can look identical to a non-fire rated material.

Mezzanine floor relocation is completely demountable making them easy to relocate with little or no modification. We offer a mezzanine removal service across Northamptonshire and leicestershire and all of the east midlands. We may offer to take away your mezzanine for next to nothing as we can dismantle and sell mezzanine floors in good condition. 

If your wanting to move premises let us assist you to take your mezzanine floor with you into the new premises. This not only saves you the cost of buying a new mezzanine floor, it is also good for the environment to recycle materials. We can also modify your relocated mezzanine when we re-erect for you.

A mezzanine floor installs could also save you money in terms of business rates, depending on the use of your mezzanine floor. This could mean that you can gain additional space without an increase in rates. When installing a mezzanine or other heavy equipment, you’ll need to know the exact floor and ground specifications of your facility. Too much weight will cause the floor to crack – or worse. It can be a disaster if the floor isn’t properly built to take the weight of both the platform and its load. It is advised that to ensure the longevity and continued safety of your floor then you should implement a management policy within your organisation. For example, maximum loading and usage should be clearly identified with training given in respect of weight capacity.

Floor capacity depends on the thickness of the concrete, but that’s not all. It also matters how much the soil underneath the slab will compress. Knowing the characteristics of both your floor and of the underlying soil are key to successful mezzanine projects. In order to determine how much weight your floor can bear, you need to know some key elements about the platform you are considering:

  • The load rating of the platform
  • The column spacing of the platform

Mezzanine flooring designs can accommodate shelving, racking, office furniture and equipment or even a half ton pallet loaded onto a pallet truck. But we will need to know exactly what you intend to use it for to ensure that the design is appropriate and can support the weight load required. We always ask our clients to ask themselves where they see their business over the next 3-5 years. So we can tailor the type of mezzanine design to your requirements. We want to help you grow and plan for the future when mezzanine floor installation could save you 1000s of pounds. If you know your mezzanine installation can accommodate extra storage or office space in the future.

As a general rule of thumb, dependent upon the usage, the following weight loadings are recommended:

  • 3.5kN/m2 – Office
  • 4.8kN/m2 – Light Storage
  • 7.2kN/m2 – Medium Storage
  • 9.6kN/m2 – Heavy Storage

Using a trusted and knowledgeable mezzanine floor contractor is important to continually determine that the installation is in a satisfactory condition and that its current usage and load capacity is compliant for the intended use.

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Benefits of a mezzanine floor installation

Check The Benefits of a Mezzanine Floor

There are many benefits that come with having a mezzanine floor installed, especially in industrial buildings. In such buildings, mezzanine floors are a temporary and free standing structure that can be dismantled and relocated depending on the needs of the building.

In most cases, a mezzanine floor is used to tap into the excessive and unused headroom that many buildings have. This space is unproductive and wasteful, so having a mezzanine floor can help to utilize this additional space for storage or for other operations.

Commercial mezzanine structures are made of steel, aluminium and fibreglass, though the exact choice of material would depend to a large extent on the construction of your building and your intended use for this mezzanine floor. Likewise, the decking will vary with its application, and it could be made of wood, heavy duty steel, fibreglass grating or aluminium.

The main steelwork is primed in blue or grey as standard but can be painted in a range of other colours at a slightly additional cost. Again, it depends on your preferences and the need for a mezzanine in your premises.

In certain cases it may even be necessary to fire rate the underside of the structure. As part of our services we will consult with the Fire or Building Control Officer on your behalf and advise accordingly. Mezzanine floor fire protection can be offered as an option, utilising suspended ceilings, fascia’s and column casing.

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