It is a well-known fact that high levels of noise in an office has a negative impact on productivity.

Less noise means a more productive office environment helping reduce stress levels and improve concentration. That is why good sound absorption and sound insulation is so important. We should aim to create a variety of work spaces, breakout zones, canteens and meeting rooms with the right levels of acoustic absorption.

Office Soundproofing Services in Northampton, Leicester and Surrounding Areas

 It is always easier to get these things correct from the off rather than try to address things later on in the process. We are happy to advise occupied offices on the most cost effective way to improve the current soundproofing within an office space.

Open Plan Offices

Even in a largely open-plan office, partition walls and panels made with insulating materials can be used to help block sound. Worried about the aesthetic appeal of your office, there are still a plethora of desks and screens in all shapes sizes and colours to suit your office environment while tackling noise and distractions

Meeting Rooms

Sound proofing can be vital in offices, conference and board rooms. We at manor interiors are the experts in providing sound proof offices and board rooms we have the solutions using high quality products to reduce noise in the workplace.

If you are building a new office or meeting room and wanting to provide less disturbance to your meetings there are many possibilities. 

Ceiling baffles

Acoustic ceiling tiles

Acoustic metal systems

Shielded floors

Acoustic panels

Screened work stations

Acoustic flooring