Movable Walls

Demountable walls or movable walls, as the name suggests, can be unmounted, removed, relocated and reinstalled based on your specific architectural and functional needs

They offer a ton of flexibility when compared to traditional walls and along with it also offers superior privacy and acoustics as well

Probably, the biggest reason to go for movable walls is its cost-effectiveness. These walls are much cheaper than building traditional walls and give you greater control over your space. For example, let’s say you wanted to divide a room into two equal halves for one event, but want to move the wall to say, a little further to the right to get more space for another event. Destroying and building traditional walls to accommodate these preferences can be cost prohibitive. Movable walls, on the other hand, are easy to move, cost effective and give the flexibility you need to arrange your space the way you want.

Another major and yet overlooked advantage is portability. Let’s say, you plan to relocate your office within the next one year or you have to setup a temporary office at a client’s place for a specific period of time, it makes sense to go for these movable walls simply because you take them with you wherever you go. Also, the setting up and removing process is far easier and faster than traditional walls.

Broadly speaking, there are two kinds of movable walls, namely, modular and unitized.

Modular walls come in many pieces and they have to be assembled together at the site where the wall has to be constructed. Obviously, this requires more labour and logistical coordination because the individual pieces have to be assembled together. 

On the other hand, unitized walls come as a fully constructed wall and all that needs to be done is installing it in the right place. A big advantage with unitized walls is that there is no extra work involved and the wall can be installed right away. 

But modular walls also score over unitized walls in some aspects, mainly modular walls have more skin and finish options than unitized walls, so you can better customize it based on your individual preferences and existing decor. 

Regardless of which of the two types of movable walls you choose, they are sure to give you many benefits and we are experts in ensuring that the full benefits of these walls reach you. With many years of experience, we specialize in building movable walls based on your precise requirements and aesthetics. Based on your choice, we build both modular and unitized walls.

Overall, movable walls are an elegant and at the same time, cost-effective options that’ll help you make the most of your space

It’s easy to setup and remove, flexible enough to be moved around anywhere and the design options are also plenty. In addition to all these, the walls are highly durable and can last for a long time. As we move towards optimized work and living spaces, these walls can be just the thing for you.