Shelving and Racking

Wholesale storage requires as much space as you can squeeze in a given area, and this is why racking and shelving are popular techniques used to get more space out of a storage area.

Rack Shelving System Installation in Northampton and Leicester

Though many people tend to think shelving and racking are synonymous, in reality, they are vastly different.  Racking refers to creating storage shelves that are high, deep and wide, typically to store large quantities of goods. You can keep heavy boxes and large containers. Since these racks are mainly used for storing large items, you need appropriate machinery such as forklifts to access and move the things stored in racks.

Shelves, on the other hand, are small and you can access things stored on it with your bare hands. They are most ideal for storing small items, but are still made of solid materials. You will find shelves more in super markets and grocery stores than in large storage areas. Obviously no machinery is used to access the items stored in it.

Besides the storage size and accessibility, shelves tend to have a more rounded look when compared to racks, and that’s because shelves also double up as a place of display.

When you want to build shelves and racks,

it is important you choose a company like us that understands the differences between the two, so we can build according to your preferences. We will even talk to you and help to identify what’s best for you, based on your storage needs.

Accordingly, we will build racks or shelves that are ideal for you. We use the best quality materials to build racks and shelves, so that they last for a long time. But to do that, a lot of planning and groundwork is involved, which we will do together with you.

Here are some of the different racks and shelves that we have built for our clients in the past. This is not an exhaustive list, but a sample one to showcase our experience in this field.

Slotted Angle Shelves

These shelves are ideal for light goods and can be versatile enough to be changed to meet your varying storage requirements.

Simplos Shelving

Ideal for medium to heavy loads that need to span vertically. This type of shelves is mostly seen in large libraries.

Metal Point Shelves Without Bolts

These shelves are highly versatile and can be adapted to a multitude of uses.

Mobile Shelves

These shelves are mounted on mobile bases and can move along rails, in case you want to move your shelves across different areas.

Long Span Shelves

These shelves are used for storing medium and heavy loads for long periods of time.

Pallet Racks

These racks are used for storing heavy items and for giving you the access to move machinery throughout these racks.

These types of shelves and their uses are a testimony to our knowledge and experience when it comes to creating the perfect storage structure for your needs.