Washroom and Common Parts

Heavy use of washrooms, especially in a commercial setting,

can cause the common parts to wear out quickly

Washroom Repairs and Remodelling in Northampton and Leicester

Generally speaking, the plumbing issues faced in commercial and retail establishments are much different when compared to that of residential buildings, so you need professional help to fix these problems and to install common parts in your washrooms.

Here is a look at some of the common issues that creep up due to wear and tear of common parts in your washroom.

Leaky faucets

that can waste hundreds of gallons of water every month, and in the process, increase your water bill. It can also cause water to stagnate at the bottom, thereby affecting the very structure of the building.

Small bits of garbage and paper towels

can cause the drains to clog and water will drain slower than before.

It is common for toilet handles to come off with wear and tear

Needless to say, this is an embarrassing situation that needs to be fixed right away. You can even opt for motion sensors and buttons to replace toilet handles, so wear and tear doesn’t impact toilet use.

Toilet clogs and phantom flushes

Need to be fixed immediately as the former can make your toilets dirty while the latter can amp up your water bills.

Internal toilet parts tend to fail over time with heavy use.

This requires the services of an experienced plumber because it is hard to do such complex repairs by yourself.

The many pipes located behind the walls and under the floors

Can also have leaks, and this increases your water bill and causes structural damage to the building.

Smelly toilets

Are never a happy situation for both your customers and employees.  If you notice these smells coming especially from floor drains.

Low water pressure

Reduces the amount of water that comes in your toilet and this can make flushing difficult.

Problems with hot water supply in washrooms

Can be due to a faulty water heater or sediment build-up in the tank.

We can fix all these above issues in no time

Besides fixing existing issues, you may also want to remodel a part or whole of your washroom and this requires installing new parts and doing whatever is necessary to bring it up to the highest standards.

Regardless of whether you want to fix broken parts, address plumbing issues, remodel your washroom or even create one from scratch, we can help you. With many years of experience, we know what would work and what won’t, so you don’t have to spend your precious time and money in ideas that are not feasible. 

We have an extensive range of toilet cubicle systems available to suit most scenarios, or even tailored to individual needs. Whether it be a budget system, anti-vandal or cubicles designed for infant and junior schools, we can provide you with the right system fast and competitively.

Before we start any work, 

we come and thoroughly inspect your existing facilities, talk to you to get your ideas and concerns and finally will work out the best options with you. Every step of the way, we work with you to ensure that you are happy and satisfied with our work, and also to give you a washroom that exceeds your expectations in every way.