Suspended Ceilings

Manor Interiors are specialists in installing suspended ceilings and can fit a wide range of ceiling styles, depending on the requirements of the customer.

Customer service is always at the forefront of our minds, and we promise to take the time to listen to the needs and wants of our customers before we begin work on any project.

From the offset, we will review the commercial space you have, drawing up detailed plans to help you visualise the end result of the work due to being carried out.

suspended ceilings

With a wealth of experience in the construction industry, the dedicated team at Manor Interior Solutions have accrued a wealth of knowledge when it comes to handling all aspects of a commercial refurbishment project.

Our team of specialists can work around any requirements you may have to ensure the space you work in is eco and environmentally friendly, sourcing the necessary materials to meet both your aesthetic desires and practical needs for a space.

Before carrying out work on suspended ceilings and any other aspects of the space, we will consider your requirements for noise levels, ensuring the plans we draw up reflect a space that is optimised with efficient work output in mind.

Not limiting ourselves to one area, we are happy to take on projects in a variety of locations. We work at all times with honesty and integrity in mind and are upfront about all costs that may be incurred throughout the refurbishment.

You are likely to work in your office space most days of the week. Work takes up a great deal of our time, and the areas we carry out our daily tasks in can make a significant difference to both motivation and productivity. Consequently, it is of paramount importance that you create a space that is complimentary for its uses.

We have a wealth of experience, taking on both projects big and small. Whether you have firm idea of how you’d like your space to be adapted, or require some expert guidance to make the most of the space you have, we’re confident we can shape a solution to suit you.

Both the aesthetics and practical aspects of space will affect its value, and we can work with those looking to sell a space for the highest price, or those that require a fit out that will suit their needs for a long time to come.

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What are Suspended Ceilings?

The suspended ceiling is an effective solution developed to conceal services yet still leaving them easily accessible and offer acoustic balance to a room. They are resistant to mould and bacteria which is why they are present in most hospitals and clinics. They are fire retardant and meet industry standards for flame speeding ratings.

The tiles high reflective surface creates a brighter office environment by optimising light reflection. Many different types of sound absorbent materials can be used in conjunction with your newly fitter suspended ceiling, tailored to meet your needs.

Hygienic ceilings are generally required in food preparation and processing areas, laboratories and as medical areas.

There are differing levels of hygienic ceilings available, from the basic wipeable PVC faced tile ceiling system to the high-specification systems which have anti-bacterial coatings or are completely washable.

We offer a wide range of ceiling systems that we can tailor to meet the specification of your business environment and are confident whatever your need, we will be able to offer a solution.

The Benefits of Suspended Ceilings

Suspended ceilings have become a common feature in both commercial and even large domestic spaces.

In the past, you may have been restricted when it came to the style of your ceiling and the visual appeal it delivered. However, at Manor Interiors we are able to provide our highly valued customers with a wide range of suspended ceilings in a variety of textures, colours and styles, helping to compliment any existing décor, or add touches of character or contemporary style to an existing space.

Another distinct benefit that suspended ceilings have other ceiling types is that they are easy to install, meaning you can enjoy your newly refurbished space, without lengthy delays.

At Manor interiors, we are able to guide you through each option that will work best for your space, with our experience guiding you towards the most suitable option that will be in line with your budget and any ideas that you may have previously had for the existing space.

We understand that easy access to wiring, plumbing and ducts can be greatly important, especially if issues should occur. Suspended ceilings can conceal such mechanical systems, whilst ensuring easy access as and when required. Suspended ceilings are also a great solution for concealing cables and power cords.

If you share your office building with external organisations, suspended ceilings can provide you with superior acoustic properties, when compared to drywall ceilings, ensuring a high level of privacy is maintained, and disruptions from external noise are kept to an absolute minimum, to ensure a productive working environment.

Being your sole point of contact, from the beginning of your project, right through to its completion, the team at Manor interiors will be there for you, answering any questions you may have regarding aspects of the refurbishment, providing you with necessary updates and time estimates you can rely on.

We only use the materials of the best quality and ensure that the suspended ceilings we install are resistant to mold, mildew, bacteria, and sagging. Consequently, even if you have an area that is prone to high humidity, our fully qualified team will form the best solution for you, taking you through each aspect of the project to ensure you are completely happy with the solution and design chosen for your space.

Why Choose Manor Interiors for Suspended Ceilings

Unlike many other firms, we strive to always go the extra mile for our customers, and will never tire of going above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction. If you are concerned about the level of disruption an office refurbishment may cause to your day to day activities, we will happily work out of general office hours, ensuring the same level of attention is paid to both small and large areas of work. We pride ourselves on always achieving a high-quality finish, and give all of our work a six-month guarantee, should you have any issues.

We not only have a high level of care for the customers we assist we are also an environmentally responsible company that recycles all unused and scrap materials from the projects we work on.

The dedicated team at Manor Interiors are well versed in multiple areas of construction and can take on projects both large and small.

Over the years, we have gained a wealth of experience in a wide variety of building refurbishments and welcome the chance to work alongside property developers, schools, colleges, universities and healthcare institutions to achieve an interior space you can be proud of.

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