Industrial and Warehouse Refurbishment

An engaging and functional design is essential to help you make the most out of your industrial and warehouse space.  

Many people think interiors are not important for industries or warehouses, but the reality is, a good and pleasing aesthetics will go a long way in motivating your employees to be more productive. It gives them a sense of connect with the organization and a good interior design will provide a comfortable place for them to work. In addition, an eye-catchy design is sure to reflect your business in good light. For these reasons, industrial and warehouse refurbishments are an essential part of your business.

Warehouse Refurbishment Services in Northampton, Leicester and Surrounding Areas

These refurbishments are time-sensitive, in the sense that they need to be completed quickly so you can start your operations right away. The longer time you spend on refurbishments, your overhead costs quickly add up because you’ll be paying for rent and other utilities without actually getting any revenue from it.

We understand these multi-dimensional aspects that go into refurbishing an industrial or warehouse space and this is why our experienced designers and technicians will finish the work quickly without compromising in any way on the overall quality.

There are many things that we do to refurbish your warehouse. Some of the areas we cover include:

Suggest whether shelving or racking is ideal for your storage needs.

Creating the right racking facilities that will help you get the best storage space.

Choose the most appropriate layout

Decide on the colour combinations

Create mezzanine floors if needed to give you additional storage space.

Do Cat A or Cat B fit outs, as needed.

Refurbish and give a modern look, even if the building is old and dilapidated.

Build cold storage rooms on a need basis.

Redesign your space to make way for forklifts and other machinery, especially if you’re looking at storing bulky and heavy items.

We begin with an inspection of the place followed by a meeting with you to understand your needs and wish list. Then, we make a list of what aspects need to be changed. Our designers will work on these changes and will discuss the same with you. We can even show a 2D CAD drawing to give you an idea of how the changes will look. In some cases, we can even show you a 3D version of the new changes. Once you like the changes and approve them, we will start work and finish them as quickly as possible.  We are willing to go through many design iterations and meetings until you love what you see.

We even make appropriate recommendations on the technology and other non-design aspects that you can incorporate so you’re industrial and warehouse looks pleasing and at the same time, is highly functional. 

Reach out to us for your warehouse refurbishment, regardless of whether it is just a few hundred feet or spreads across multiple units in an estate, and we will deliver your dream.