Office Relocation

Office relocation has become fairly common, given the increasing pace of globalization and technological advancements.  Also, you’ll have to move to keep pace with the growth of your business.  Let’s say, you started off with 50 people, so a smaller space was enough for your needs. But within a few years, your employee strength has doubled, which means you obviously need a bigger space to operate.

Regardless of your reason to relocate your office, our specialists will handle it for you end-to-end.  To start off, we inspect your current and new place and have many rounds of discussions with you to find out exactly what you want. 

After understanding your needs, we get the new place ready for occupation, if that’s something that needs to be done. We do both Cat A and Cat B design, so your office has aesthetic and pleasing interiors and at the same time, is highly functional and convenient for your employees. From interior design to plumbing, we handle everything to take this pressure off you.  

We are experts in building movable walls, extra storage spaces and just about anything else that is needed to enhance the productivity of the place. 

The next job is obviously to move your things from your current space to the new one.  If you choose to move the existing furniture you own to the new place, we will do the necessary packing and will transport it safely there. After transporting, we will unwrap your things and set them up as per your idea. On the other hand, if you intend to buy new furniture, we help you with many different styles and options.

Moving computers and electronic equipment is another essential part of office relocation. Our computer and hardware experts know exactly how to move your precious resource without damaging it any way.  They will remove the wires, pack them in safe materials and transport them with the utmost care. Finally, at the new place, they can even set it up for you.

The last part that’s left is cleaning the old office space.  Many lease terms warrant that the tenant should clean the place and hand it over just the way it was given. This could entail removing fixtures like fans and lights and maybe even taking down false ceilings, movable walls or just about any other addition you had made during your use. These jobs are fairly complicated and a bit risky too, and this is why experts like us are adept for this task.

This entire means, your office relocation is a no-stress experience for you.  Since we handle every small aspect of relocation, you can sit back and focus on your business. Obviously, you can even customize the services you want, based on your needs.

In all, office relocation doesn’t get easier than this.