Cat A and Cat B fit out

Fit out is a term often used to describe the attachments and changes that a builder makes towards the interior spaces in order to make them more suitable for occupation? Broadly speaking, there are two kinds of fit outs, and they are category A (Cat A) and category B (Cat B).

So, what is the difference between a Cat A and a Cat B fit out? How do they make a space more or less liveable?

There is no standard definition for either of the fit outs, which means, it can vary from developer to developer. That said, Cat A refers to the basic things that a developer provides in order to make a space liveable. This could include raised floors, electrical fittings like fans and lights, mechanical services, plumbing work, fire protection devices like smoke alarms, interior surface finishes, blinds, air conditioner ducts, suspended ceilings and more. In other words, Cat A is the blank canvas that allows you to start living in that space right away.

Most times you can talk to your developer to decide what should constitute Cat A fittings.  Good negotiation skills will help you get the basics covered and maybe even a little more installations such as carpets and floor boxes. Despite such negotiations, our experience shows that many owners and even lease holders of commercial spaces realize that some basic things have been left out, and this is when they reach out to professional fit out companies like us to fill in the gaps.  This means, though the developer could give you some Cat A fit outs, there are bound to be gaps that we can fill for you.

Moving on to Cat B fit out, it is easy to guess what Cat B fit out is by now. This is where you use your imagination to make the place yours. It essentially contains all that you think will make the place suitable for occupation. It can include glass manifestations,  doors, partitions, floor finishes, visual equipment, room segmentation, paint of interior walls, furniture, finishing touches and just about anything else that is required to make the space yours in every sense. 

We handle both Cat A and Cat B fit outs. Our designers will work with you to understand your needs and will make appropriate suggestions that will match your requirements. We start with a physical inspection of a place and once you approve the plan, our experienced architects and technicians will start working on the space right away to create the image you have in mind. Whether you like a minimalist or a heavy decor, we work with you to make it a reality.

Though most people refer to Cat A and Cat B services for a new place, we also work with an existing space and refurbish to meet your taste.  We have worked with owners of dilapidated buildings to give a complete makeover to their place and to improve the overall structural stability of the building using both Cat A and Cat B fit outs.