5 Reasons to choose demountable partitions

Demountable partitions: Here’s why they matter

Office spaces are continually evolving and advancing, and so do the tools used to create them. Demountable partitions, or more commonly known as demountable walls, are a great tool to create a functional working space while maintaining privacy, safeguarding a productive work environment, and integrating technology.

But let’s start with the basics. What exactly are demountable partitions?

Demountable walls are movable partitions mainly used to separate indoor spaces. They are most commonly used in large, open space offices in order to create privacy and organise space efficiently and ergonomically. 

Here are the top 5 reasons to go for demountable walls instead of dry walls or any other space configuration solution:

  1. Demountable partition systems provide flexibility

    When it comes to office spaces, there is no shortage of disagreement that flexibility is a top priority. Although standard and dry walls might ensure privacy, they nevertheless lack the ability of quick re-configurations, restraining the pace of the business compared to the fast-changing needs of the office. However, demountable walls are ideal for modern office spaces and start-ups, whereas adjustability and flexibility come first.

    Without a doubt, the number of people in an office space varies depending on the number of employees, the size of the company, and the organisational structure. Some teams may require a large meeting room while others may need an individual office area to work on their own devices. These moving walls allow for quick reconfiguration of space to suit your company’s needs, without the fuss of an actual construction. As a result,  a variety of different working spaces can be created, substantially increasing both productivity and employees’ work satisfaction, with little to no additional cost.


  2. Demountable partition systems offer a wide spectrum of options

    The manufacturers of such walls have created a diverse range of demountable partition systems, allowing for an absurd amount of customization. This implies that no matter how complex or unique the idea you have in mind is, you are very much likely to find it.

    A few ideas include:

    Atrium wall systems create a sense of openness.
    Frameless partition systems are comprised of single or double-glazed walls, with the double-glazed wall enabling for blind installation and improved soundproofing.
    Freestanding partition walls that can be placed theoretically anywhere, creating a wall system where it is most needed. Their huge advantage is that they can be taken down in a matter of minutes and re-installed in another location with a different configuration.

  3. Partition walls complement the design of spaces

    Due to this huge range of options and designs, demountable walls can be chosen to upgrade the aesthetic of the space while at the same time being effective and ergonomic. Whether you are building an office from scratch or re-designing your space to add demountable partitions, customization of these structures can complement the existing design or the one you have in mind.

    A small sample of their customizable nature is that they can be placed in a straight, curved, or even angled configuration to complement and fit into the surrounding space they are placed. Based on the type of demountable system chosen, the walls can be freestanding, moveable, or frameless.

    Another example of custom-made demountable partitions consists of the glass partition type. These movable pieces of glass can be chosen to be lightly frosted so that natural light enters the room, fully frosted to ensure privacy or even include a design. A great idea is to include a smart glass incorporating an LCD display. This allows for alteration between a fully transparent glass to a translucent one, in a matter of milliseconds, saving you from the fuss of moving around offices depending on the type of meeting you are having. 

    Looks don’t lie so, we have to state that demountable glass partitions are aesthetically pleasing by nature, irrespective of where they are placed.

  4. Demountable walls are cost-effective

    Due to the fact that there is no contract with a construction crew to take down and rebuild dry walls in a change of office configuration, demountable partition systems are extremely cost-effective. Keeping in mind that you only need to purchase them once and then reconfigure them to endless combinations to meet your needs at any time, demountable walls are economical and cost-effective in the long term.

    Whether you are building an office or moving to a new space, it is difficult by default to predict your office’s needs ten years down the road. You may even end up in a position where substantial space changes need to be made sooner than that. Demountable partition systems will help you in this kind of situation by making the needful changes without having to remodel the whole office, saving you both money and time.

  5. Demountable Wall Partitions Are Sustainable

    The extra cost and amount of waste that emerges from business office remodelling is neither environmentally, nor budget-friendly. Considering the fact that businesses incorporate environmental impact in a variety of performance indicators, the low environmental impact of demountable partitions compared to rebuilding an office, cannot be overseen.

    Instead of carrying out an expensive remodel of your office, you can create constant sustainability growth with the installation of a demountable partition system, incorporating flexibility by adjusting to the needs of your business. As your company changes, so can the formation of the demountable partitions, saving you both time and capital, while having less impact on the environment.

    Each time you are reusing the demountable office walls partitions you are saving money you would otherwise spend on new materials every time you wanted to adjust your space.

Demountable partition systems for the win!

All in all, demountable partition systems offer your business the flexibility it needs for growth, without having to compromise on design. They lift the aesthetic of the space by fitting to their surroundings, without making you dig deep into your pocket. The best part is that you can have all of these benefits without regrets, as any other option in terms of renovation or remodel would have a larger environmental impact.

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