What is Active Safety? (New Service Coming Soon!)

What is Active Safety? (New Service Coming Soon!)

“Don’t compromise your safety due to lack of space”.

In December last year (!), we were surveying a customer’s warehouse (we are not going to disclose what, where etc.) and whilst we weren’t exposed to anything dangerous as such during our visit, there was a big reality check on how the day-by-day operation and logistical requirements, space availability, common sense, health and safety regulations, timing and speed do not always work well together when building a safe and secure environment for the people working in it.

That stimulated an internal conversation about how we, as Manor Interior Solutions, we can help small to medium SMES make the right decision in managing their logistic working spaces and health and safety requirements whenever the size of the operation; big or small.

That is why we one of our mottos is “don’t compromise your safety due to lack of space”…

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We are always looking to provide the best possible services to our customers… So we came across a technology and specific product ranges, that when properly installed, can help you doing exactly that; not compromise on your safety due to lack of space.

So, what are Active safety devices?

Active safety devices are used in logistics to enhance mainly the safety of vehicles, drivers, pedestrians, and they can be used to protect objects as well if needed.

Do you have an idea how much it costs to replace a rolling steel door following an accident with an FLT? (If you need a quote for that we are here to help as well!)

Active safety device systems use sensors to detect potential hazards and they can alert the driver or act directly helping in preventing an accident. The driver and his/her training and the alertness are still key to avoid any accident, but the technology exists to help.

Active safety devices help protect pedestrians by reducing the risk of collisions between people and vehicles using advanced warning systems such as audible alarms, flashing lights, and visual cues that alert pedestrians and the vehicle drivers of the respective presence in the area. Additionally, they are installed into the vehicles so they can automatically slowdown in correspondence of specific area (gates, junctions or blind spots turns).

These Active safety devices use RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) tags. These tags are placed on people, vehicles, and equipment that needs to be protected (a gate for example) or strategically placed throughout the warehouse to define areas where cautions are required.

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How exactly do RFID tags work, and help to create a safer environment?

These tags “communicate” with each other, triggering warning systems in the presence of vehicles or entering a specific area. RFID technology can also be used to monitor the location and movement of vehicles and people helping identify bottle necks or across time or space, for example helping with the development of more efficient procedures related to movement in the warehouse.

zonesafe vehicle to person alert diagram v2 1 - What is Active Safety? (New Service Coming Soon!)

Overall, active safety devices can play a critical role in creating a safer environment for all in warehouses, reducing accidents and injuries.

We are taking on this new technology and working with experienced partners to design, install and deliver the perfect solution for any environment.

If you want to know more about it Active Safety and installing RFID tags in your warehouse, you can contact our very own Riccardo D’Elia for a quick chat to learn more.

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