Pallet gate installation Peterborough

Pallet gate installation Peterborough

Customers’ reason for approaching Manor Interior solutions?

Paragon communication in Peterborough called us in to help them install a pallet gate and safety handrail to improve the health and safety for their warehouse staff when loading and unloading pallets up onto their mezzanine floor. The existing mezzanine was of old construction and the decking board was insufficient for us to fix directly down to. We created a cad drawing showing the dimensions of the pallet gate. This showed us where we required to strengthen below the floor when fixing the pallet gate in place.

How the pallet gate installation went?

Once the order was placed we began manufacturing the pallet gate. This is usually on a lead time of 3-4 weeks. We confirmed the pallet gate install dates that suited both us and the client. The day before the pallet gate was due to be delivered on site we lifted the tongue and groove flooring and reinforced the fixing points shown on the plans with coach screws and 6” x 2” battens between the existing joists. This allowed us to fix down the pallet gate footplate into the reinforced timber supports. We advised the client this was the best practice as the existing tongue and groove deck was only 15mm thick and not sufficient enough to fix into soley. The pallet gate and handrail was then fitted safely the following day, ready for use. We also provided a convex mirror, footplate and post for the client to position for enhanced safe working practices. Paragon were very pleased with their new pallet gate installation.

Project Details
Company name: Paragon communication
Pallet gate installation Peterborough
Site location: Peterborough
Project time scales: 2 days
Services provided:

  • Pallet gate installation
  • Carpentry

Pradeep Bodhani

Pradeep Bodhani

Microvisk Technologies

Very Professional fit out company which undertook extensive dry walling and decorations for our large commercial space.

The work was done to a high standard, within the quotation provided and in the timescale given by Manor Interiors. Health and Safety was also adhered to in carrying out the work keeping the site clean at all times as we are a Pharmaceutical company. We would use this company again for fit out works.