Mezzanine Floor Removal Cambridgeshire

Mezzanine floor removal cambridgeshire

Customers’ reason for approaching Manor Interior solutions?

We were called in to a large warehouse space in cambridgeshire on behalf of MJS. As owners of the building they required an expert mezzanine removal contractor like ourselves to remove a very old mezzanine safely to allow more racking space.

How the mezzanine removal went?

We arranged to complete the work over a Friday and a Saturday to minimize disruption for the tennant. We safely removed all the mezzanine decking boards and placed them on pallets neatly for disposal. We then removed the interior shelving. With the use of a couple of fork lift trucks we unbolted and got everything to the floor and separated the waste outside for the client. The mezzanine floor removal went perfectly to plan and the client was surprised just at how quickly and efficiently we completed the Cambridgeshire mezzanine removal.

Project Details
Company name: MJS Express
Site location: St Neots Cambridgeshire
Project time scales: 2 days
Services provided:

  • Mezzanine floor removal

Pradeep Bodhani

Pradeep Bodhani

Microvisk Technologies

Very Professional fit out company which undertook extensive dry walling and decorations for our large commercial space.

The work was done to a high standard, within the quotation provided and in the timescale given by Manor Interiors. Health and Safety was also adhered to in carrying out the work keeping the site clean at all times as we are a Pharmaceutical company. We would use this company again for fit out works.