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Serving new and existing builds including schools, care homes, residential new builds and commercial buildings. We pride ourselves as amongst the best dry lining companies in the midlands.

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The innovation in the field of dry lining is making more and more heads turn today. With several years of expertise and a proven record of successfully completed projects, Manor Interior Solutions operates in Midlands with the stringent standards and promises to provide you with the highest quality dry lining services.

What is dry lining?

Simply put, dry lining is the process of cladding internal walls or ceilings by placing pre-cut boards directly on top of the surfaces. Dry lining offers a quick and cost-effective way to smooth out rough or textured surfaces and provide added insulation.  Dry lining has become significantly popular in the UK over the last 20 years is Dry Lining. This method has become a common practice in new and modern housing construction. Specialist dry lining contractors complete the process of giving meeting joints in a plasterboard a finished look by plastering or tape and jointing. As expert drylining contractors we are very particular when selecting the correct plasterboards as there are many different types to suit the situation. Whether it’s fixed directly to the wall or ceiling, or to a secondary framework, our drylining contractors know the fixing technique needed.

Our dry lining services

Dot and Dab contractor Northamptonshire

Dot and Dab technique is one of the most popular techniques for achieving smooth and sturdy walls quickly and easily.  ‘Dot and dab’ refers to the way the plasterboard adhesive is applied in evenly spaced dots and dabs across the surface.

Considering that dry lining is the foundation of your walls and ceilings, you should settle for nothing less than perfect. At Manor Interior Solutions we use high-quality dob and dab contractors.

Where can dry lining be used?

Dry lining can be used in an array of applications and will affix well to textured and uneven services. It has been extensively used in an array of construction and manufacturing projects nowadays, including:

When building a brand-new home, dry lining is your go-to tool for making sure that your new build is well-insulated and energy-efficient. Moreover, dry lining is faster and neater than conventional plastering.

Dry lining has been gaining significant popularity in industrial and commercial buildings for ensuring energy efficiency, sound control, and humidity protection. Meeting sustainability targets has never been easier.

Insulation, sound control, and humidity protection are vital for buildings that involve vulnerable groups of people like the elderly, ill, or children. For this reason, dry lining is considered essential for schools, hospitals, and retirement and care homes.

For us at Manor Interior Solutions, customization is a priority. Whether you need help with an industrial, domestic, or public project, our team is manned by a group of experts and state-of-the-art equipment that will assist you in choosing the right dry lining solution according to your requirements.

Types of plasterboard

Dry lining plays an important role in the longevity and insulation of building construction.  Plasterboards can be classified into 5 major categories according to their properties:

  • Wall board: Suitable for most applications with normal sound levels and fire specifications
  • Vapour Barrier or Vapour Check Plasterboard: With the addition of a thin metallic film on the reverse side of the sheet, vapour check plasterboard is commonly used for keeping a building well insulated and warm.
  • Sound Reduction or Acoustic Plasterboard: With a higher density core, acoustic plasterboard is commonly used for providing sound insulation.
  • Fireboard: As its name suggests, the fireboard has a glass fiber and other additives in its core in order to provide added protection against fire. Widely used in both domestic and commercial buildings.
  • Water-resistant board: Fuelled with water repellent additives in its core, water-resistant boards are ideal for high humidity areas.

Why choose us for dry lining.

At Manor Interior Solutions, quality and longevity come first. Our many years of experience and expertise together with our dedicated team of experts, are our signature blend for excellence.

We pride ourselves on high-quality dry lining solutions and professional customer service, regardless of the project’s size. Whatever your dry lining requirements are, we will meet and exceed your expectations.