3 Different Types of Suspended Ceiling

3 Different Types of Suspended Ceiling

The suspended ceiling or dropped ceiling is an effective solution developed to conceal services – yet still leaving them easily accessible. They offer acoustic balance to a room and are resistant to mould and bacteria which is why they are present in most hospitals and clinics. Suspended ceilings are fire retardant and meet industry standards for flame speeding ratings. The tiles’ high reflective surface creates a brighter office environment, by optimising light reflection. Many different types of sound-absorbent materials can be used in conjunction with your newly fitted suspended ceiling, tailored to meet your needs. Let’s look into some together…

Hygienic Ceiling Tiles

Hygienic ceilings are usually required in food preparation and processing areas, laboratories and medical areas. There are different levels of hygienic ceilings available – from the basic wipeable PVC faced tile ceiling systems to the high-specification systems which have antibacterial coatings that are completely washable.

Acoustic Suspended Ceilings

Acoustic ceilings are profitable in any area, especially formal ones. The acoustic ceiling tiles are highly aesthetic. It generally improves the quality of sound in the rooms installed and absorbs the noise of any sort from outside. This type of suspended ceilings is easily installed. Acoustic ceilings resolve any resonance issues and are highly durable.

Fire Rated Suspended Ceilings

Fire rated ceiling tiles are recommended in residential and commercial properties as both are liable to fire outbreaks. They are also fire resistant and provide additional safety which is key in any property. Fire rated ceilings are installed with ease and are highly durable. They are available in different thickness and are mostly aesthetic.

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